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A trans woman journalist got mocked, deliberately misgendered, and humiliated on stage at a video game convention today by a comedian hired by a major software company.  Some of you may already have heard of it.  A major geek news site ran a story about it (made almost entirely of captures of her tweets) and ended up sending tons and tons of twitter trolls her way who are being absolutely disgustingly vicious (and the comments on the news story were disgusting as well).  The reason I’m not talking more about it is because she doesn’t want more publicity which would inadvertently send more hate her way (also why I’m not linking it.)  I’m writing this just for those that might want to post about it, to be careful what you write, not to link the article, and to be thoughtful about linking her twitter account or screencaps of her twitter account.  And in general, when stuff like this happens, please ask the person first if they want you to spread their tweets about what happened, or details about the incident, etc in a public blog post, or etc.  Especially if you have a big platform, please be careful, because even if you mean well, and you’re supportive, a lot of the people reading it may not be, and they may go to harass and attack the victim even more. :\

If you do know about this, I encourage you to send her support, and to email the company and convention responsible with your displeasure.

Also, just as a reminder: trans women are women, and transmisogyny is a form of misogyny.  Geek feminists who care about harassment of women at conventions should care about this too, because it is also harassment of women, and policing who can and can’t be in geek spaces.

Edit: She is getting phone harassment now as well as online, and people are trying to uncover her past identity to hurt her.  The news site has refused to take down the article despite her asking them to (though they have edited out the Twitter screencaps, but have kept her name and a transcription of her tweets, and left the comments section which has her information & pictures of her).  So please please please do not link any articles you see about her if you write or tweet about this.

Edit 2: She’s said she doesn’t want people to keep reporting on this because it just gets her more hatred, this is why I’ve kept names out, especially since Tumblr reblogs can make a simple blogpost into a viral sensation.  Please be respectful of her wishes.

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